If you have the feeling your water softener is not working, there’s a checklist of signs you should go through to determine whether that’s the case. If it isn’t working, you may need a water softener repair or a water softener replacement – This is a good time to call a professional for help.

Check your brine tank for salt level

The first thing you should do is make sure there’s a good amount of salt in your brine tank. You may want to check the salt level once a month because low salt is the most frequent cause of your water softener not working. It’s an easy fix. Most brine tanks need to be filled at least half full with salt pellets. If your tank is less than half filled with salt, add salt pellets until it’s no higher than two-thirds of the way full.

Look for signs of hard water

If your salt level looks fine, check your water for signs your water softener isn’t working. Check your clothes for stiffness when it comes out of the laundry. Look for a thin film or a crusty mineral buildup on your faucets.

Observe how your water feels

If your water softener has stopped working, you should notice the change on your skin. You may have dry or itchy skin after showering or washing your hands. The calcium and magnesium minerals in non-softened water leave an itchy and dehydrating film on your skin. If the water is hard, you’ll notice it’s harder to lather soap with it as well.

Check for a salty taste

If there’s excess salt in your water softener, your water will actually taste salty. Even if your brine tank is filled less than two-thirds of the way, you may need to clean out your tank entirely and then refill it to get rid of salt buildup.

Use a water hardness test

If you just want to be sure, or you want to test your water softener on a regular basis, you can grab a water hardness test kit from a pet shop or aquarium supply store. Follow the directions on your test kit, and be sure to test the hardness of both your incoming and outgoing water. If the water is hard, you know something’s wrong with your water softener.

Call a certified plumber is your water softener is not working

After eliminating possibilities like low salt levels or buildup in the tank, it’s a good time to call a pro to diagnose the problem. If you’ve noticed mineral buildup, you definitely want to have someone come in to ensure your unit is functioning properly. A professional can also ensure all the settings on your water softener are optimized for your home.

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