More often than not, if you move into a newly built house, the last thing you will think about is if you need to replace a toilet. If you do, it’s probably because of cosmetic reasons. Such as wanting the hue of the toilet bowl to match the surrounding walls or wanting a certain design of the toilet. If moving to a house that has been previously occupied, many germaphobes will insist on purchasing a new toilet for the sole purpose of not having to use one that has previously been used by another family. However, these situations may be rare.

Signs to replace a toilet…

There are times when you will definitely have to replace your toilet especially if repair just isn’t an option. Here are some of those situations that you may encounter.

If your toilet needs too many repairs

If you find yourself in the situation where almost every month, you are having to repair your toilet, chances are, it may be time to do away with it and replace it. Toilets have quite a few parts in the tank: the handle, the flapper, the fill valve. Repairing one of these may be rather easy but if they keep failing, it may be cheaper in the long run to buy a new one.

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It frequently gets clogged

Have you ever had guests and you are constantly on edge because if by chance, any of your guests do a number two, they will have to deal with a constant ‘floater’ in the toilet? Many of the older low flush toilets require more than one flush to completely get rid of their contents and are often plagued with stoppages. Having to unclog your toilet every time can be quite the task and if this is an aggravation for you, you should consider replacing it or have a professional drain cleaning service done.

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Your toilet has a porcelain crack

Hairline cracks may sometimes develop in the bowl or tank of a toilet. What might be a small crack today can turn into a flood of water at any time. Porcelain cracks can also be the source of a persistent leak. If the crack is located in the toilet bowl, it’s usually not that serious. However, a crack in the tank could easily lead to a ruined floor over time, especially if it leaks every time you flush.

There are visible scratches

Scratches are usually caused by prolonged scrubbing over a long period of time. With time, these areas become harder and harder to clean leading to the formation of stains. You may want to get a new toilet to avoid spending extra money on regular maintenance.

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To save water and money

Upgrading to a low flush toilet may be the reason you want to replace your toilet. You can save quite the amount on your monthly water bill by replacing your toilet with a low flush one. Flush toilets use an average of three to five gallons of water compared to a low flush one which uses less than two gallons per flush.

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