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Urban Piping Reviews and Testimonials

Real Stories From Real Customers!

Deb T,  Edgemont Calgary

Found water on my ceiling and called in urban piping to come in and take a look at the mystery leak, he removed the part of the ceiling and found it was a poly b line that had sprung a pin hole leak.  He repaired the leak on the spot but recommended I have the whole house repiped or the problem would happen again.

I did some more research into the poly b piping and after contacting my insurance agent, I concluded that I would be replacing the pipe.  I had such a good first encounter with urban piping so I called them back in. The owner Graham came to my house and we discussed the project. He was so wonderful to deal with.

Graham took care of organizing a team to deal with my house from start to finish with no hiccups. They were in and out in 9 days, and we couldn’t even tell where they had to remove walls and ceilings! It’s a good thing they take pictures of their progress along the way or else you would never know they were there.

Thank you so much Urban piping for helping us through this renovation so seamlessly.

 Sarah and Tom Baker, Hawkwood Calgary

We purchased a new house in hawkwood and the home inspector brought to our attention that the house had a product called poly b inside, he mentioned that we should have it changed before we moved in. We called Urban piping because of their numerous online reviews and recommendations, we were not let down.

Graham organized for one of his teams to start the job the afternoon we got possession of the house, and they stayed late everyday so we could move in as soon as possible. Job was completed in 8 days as promised and house looks better than we remembered it.  Glad we can live in our new house worry free. Thank you Guys

Daryl and Leslie Richmond,  Mckenzie Lake Calgary

After years of dealing with constant leaks we finally caved and decided to get the pipes replaced, our insurance broker provided us with the company Urban Piping and told us that of we were getting it done these were the guys. They were great! took care of everything from start to finish, the plumbing, the drywall, the painting.  Glad this headache is over and we don’t have to worry about leaks any more, will be referring you guys to all my neighbours.

Sam, Shawnessy Calgary

My hot water was gradually starting to trickle out of my faucets, so I called these guys in, Derek the plumber that came out informed me that it wasn’t the faucets that were the problem but a build up on the hot side of my water heater, he recommended me a new tank and he had it aboard his van. He was in and out in under two hours and I now have great flow from all my faucets, would definitely recommend these guys! Fast, smart, and honest.

 Tanner B, Cranston Calgary

My hot water tank started to leak, we noticed and called urban piping as we had seen there van in the neighbourhood just recently, they came out right away and replaced our tank for a reasonable fee, very happy with their work!

Sandra P, Hamptons Calgary

We have used Graham before and were very please, this time was no different.  Called them wanting three new toilets for our house, we checked there website and had received an instant quote online, we booked an appointment. He had Juan show up this time, he was dressed appropriate, was pleasant to deal with and was great talking to my kids when they asked to watch him work.  This service is why we keep going back to Urban Piping, thank you.

 Jared,  Dover Calgary

Had the guys at urban piping come out and replace an old hot water tank, they were polite, and quick. In and out in under an hour.  Thanks

Mike Conner, Cranston Calgary

My hot water tank fail on me last night, called Urban piping as I remembered my neighbour saying he had a good experience with them, they were out first thing this morning and had me up and running for 915. Didn’t even have to miss work!  Thanks !

 Jeremy and Alex W, Edmonton

We had a couple plumbing jobs we needed around the house, Taylor came out and took great care to listen to everything we needed done and our concerns, he assured us that everything would be done properly and up to code.  Very happy with his work!! I recommend them for all your plumbing needs!

Mr Lao, Edmonton

Had my tenants complaint that their pipes were leaking in the house, upon further inspection I found it was the water line pipe called poly b,  I called a couple plumbing outfits out to take a look at replacing the piping but they were all saying it would be just over a week for the plumbing and I was on my own for finding a drywaller, taper, texture, and painter. Not only that but none of them seemed very confident about the job.  I couldn’t have my house which had tenants living in it out of commission for that long.  I stumbled across urban pipings website which stated that they had their own crew that took care of everything, I had them out for a quote, and although they were more expensive than the other company’s they promised the house would be completed in 8 business days!  Well they lived up to their promise and I couldn’t be happier.  Would not hesitate for one minute if out back in that situation to call them again.

Danny, Woodbine Calgary

Had to get my main line shut off valve replaced,  called urban piping and they coordinated with the city to arrange a time to change it out. Everyone one showed up on time and job was done in twenty minutes. I am very impressed.

Darren D,  Ramsey Calgary

I had my hot water tank changed by urban piping and am extremely happy with the work they did and the price they provided.

Randy & Sue Sanders, Edmonton

We are writing this review to express our gratitude to the fellows at urban piping for helping us out, our water heater blew last evening and we were panicking because we had a big family dinner coming up the next day, we called Urban Piping and although they were completely booked for the next day Taylor one of the plumbers worked through his lunch and got us up and running with a new hot water tank. Thanks Taylor!

Ron S, Hawkwood Calgary

So here’s my story, I have continuously over the past three years been having small poly b leaks throughout the home, each time I fix them myself buying a little more time until the next one.  Having now just recently retired I was wanting to travel more with the wife and this poly b I knew would have to go. I set up interviews/quotes with a couple company’s to see which one would be best suited for our house. I found Graham was extremely knowledgable on the topic and was the one we felt most confident in. That being said I was still sceptical of house the job would be preformed.  Graham responded to my doubts by scheduling walk throughs of my house at each stage and answering any and all questions I had, he also talked to my insurance company and notified them of the work that was completed.  I’m happy to say the remediation  was finished without a hitch, on the exact day promised and for the exact price quoted.

Brett H, Lakeview Calgary

I can’t express how happy I am with the services of Urban Piping Ltd.  They are professional, courteous, and budget conscious. Thank you for the great work.

Bruce Thomas, Hidden Valley

I am so glad I called these guys. I had a poly b leak in our house, got these guys out to fix the leak and give me a quote on replacing/remediation. They were so professional I decided to refrain from getting other quotes and pull the trigger with them, I was scheduled for a month later.  That morning a crew showed up at 8am and were quickly to work, they have since finished the house in only 5 days! I couldn’t be happier with the work these guys have done, you can’t even tell where they cut holes in the walls or ceiling.

Willy, Woodbine Calgary

We recently replaced all of the poly b piping in our house in woodbine using Urban Piping, as a couple in our later years we are always hesitant when dealing with contractors as we have all heard the horror story’s, estimates that are way off, work that wasn’t done correctly etc.  We did our due diligence and had made sure we received references, we were presently surprised when Graham provided us references all within a couple blocks of us, we even knew one of them.  After that our fears and anxiety levelled off and we gave him the go ahead.  He provided excellent service, scheduled walk throughs, and finished in the 10days he promised with the exact price quoted.   We heavily suggest anyone interested in getting this type of work done to call Urban Piping Ltd and give them a shot, their knowledge in this type of work is unparalleled in my opinion.