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Find valuable Poly B™ resources and collaborate with Urban Piping through our ever-expanding public relations newsroom.

Here is Graham Drew from Urban Piping…

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Realtors, Home Inspectors, and Industry Professionals…

Welcome to the Urban Piping Media Newsroom where we do collaborations with industry professionals in our efforts to create a better awareness around Poly B™ Piping.

Urban Piping is the Canadian leader in Poly B™ Replacement. The owner of Urban Piping Graham Drew coined the term “Poly B™” in short for Polybutylene piping many years ago and we currently have a registered trademark for it.

We are looking to connect with realtors, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, and other industry professionals through a win-win media production strategy to benefit everyone involved including all of our customers.

Creative Collaborations

We have published over 120 articles, produced over 70 videos, and designed numerous pieces of printed material geared towards the education on Poly B™ Piping. It is our mission to help homeowners understand and tackle Poly B™ issues quickly and without any stress.

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Poly B™ FAQ Videos

Here is our Poly B™ Replacement Newscast as well 31 Poly B™ FAQ videos. Please feel to share on your website and social media. We only ask that you link back to us.

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Search your home for Poly B™ Piping

A searchable Poly B™ Map containing the homes that have a high probability of containing Poly B™ Piping. Search is currently available for Calgary, AB and Edmonton, AB.

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Poly B™ PDF Resources

A collection of downloadable and printable resources about Poly B™ Piping. Feel free to distribute and share. All we ask is that you link back to us.

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Poly B™ Articles

A collection of articles written by our Poly B™ Replacement team. Feel free to distribute and share. All we ask is that you link back to us.

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Poly B™ Case Studies

A collection of  Poly B™ Pipe Replacement work done by Urban Piping.

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