Project Description

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #46

Mr Spencer called us because he was the product of reoccurring leaks caused by poly b piping in his house. Eventually enough was enough and he called Urban Piping Ltd. We got to his property and knew immediately it was going to be on the larger end of our regular projects. His house sat at 2700sq feet above grade and had a huge finished basement with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom In order to access the Poly b piping we had to cut 17 holes in his walls and ceilings and behind each shower/bathtub, It took our plumbers 2 full days with three plumbers to completely remove all the grey piping and replace with color coded class A PEX.

Next we had both Sam and Terryl our top drywallers in to start patching and repairing all the holes and re-texture the ceiling. Additionally we found that Mr.
Spencers home in Sandstone Calgary was draining very slow when we were testing the house. This is caused by years of drainage use and can be related to the cholesterol build up in the human arteries. Urban Piping has a unique solution to this, we have a miniaturized pressure washer that we call a Hydro Jetter, and we send that down all the drainage lines in the house to completely scrub the inside of a homeowners pipes and bringing them back to like new condition. all in all this poly b replacement and drain cleaning took a total of 9 business days.

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement Photos