Project Description

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #44

We were just finishing up a project down the road from homeowner Orin. He knew his house was renovated in the 90s and wanted us to come out and come up with a solution to his polybutylene problem. So we packed up a van and headed over to Valencia road.

Upon arrival we quickly found out that our new customer was incredibly prepared, being an engineer he knew exactly which areas of the house had been renovated and had Poly B™ used in. This was a simpler project as we only had to do a complete Poly B™ replacement going to the two bathrooms upstairs.

We accessed the Poly B™ piping through the ceiling of the dining room, cutting only a couple holes in the ceiling and then a couple more access holes behind the showers on the top story.

After changing the old grey piping with brand new class A color coded pex piping, we tackled the drywall and painting. From start to finish the project took us 4 days.

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement Photos