Project Description

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #41

This Poly B™ replacement was a little slow to start as it the first week after the owner Grahams wedding in mexico, the whole staff in Calgary took the week off
to spend in the sun. It was a great little vacation as our Calgary office is our busiest office in Canada, on average our employees put in 14hr days 6 days a week changing out polybutylene piping.

So after a sluggish start prepping the beautiful house in Inglewood, Calgary. we got started replacing the grey water pipe that was plaguing this beautiful house. On the topic of beautiful houses, this one in particular was extremely unique, homeowner Susan designed this house after one in Arizona, a sprawling 5600sq/ft, all tile flooring throughout the house, 5 full bathrooms, equipped with a full spa sauna in the basement that could hold a football team, and lastly it has a wonderful view as the deck backed onto the bow river.

We had our work cut out for us, so without further ado we started re-piping the house, the full conversion of the Poly B™ to Class A color coded pex piping took 3 days and required 60+ man hours. After that while our team of professional drywallers came in to handle the beautification part of the process and restore the walls and ceilings to their former glory.

Along with changing out all the Poly B™ in the house in Calgary, we also noticed while our plumbers were there that the drainage seemed to be running slow when all the water in the house was on, upon a camera inspection we found that the drains were in fact starting to develop cholesterol like build up and where given the go ahead from our customer to used our special drain cleaning machine that basically pressure washes the plumbing drains in the house and brings them back to like new condition.

The total job took ten days, and our customers where absolutely stunned when they couldn’t even find the holes that we cut in the walls and the ceiling. There words “ its perfect”.

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement Photos