Project Description

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #36

Today I’m writing about a house that our company had quite a history with on Hawkstone drive. This particular house we had came out to at least 4 times in the past to fix minor pin hole leaks in the poly b piping. Each time our plumbers would recommend changing the entire house, and each time the customer would say that it was just way to much money and that they couldn’t afford it. So this went on for about 3 years with our plumbers coming out every 3-6 months to fix a leak at the cost of about $300-500 each occurrence.

Finally the poly b just gave out and Urban Piping Ltd. got a call one morning saying that their whole main floor bathroom had flooded the day before. Now when Graham got there he was in for a surprise. The insurance company without saying names “ Toronto ____” had told the customers that because of the poly b in their home that they were subject to a “multi policy deductible” this meant that the insurance company would charge in this instance 7 deductibles at $1000 a piece to repair the damages caused by the poly b leak, but would not actually cover the cost to repair the portion of poly b that had the leak.

This really hit the customer hard, as it was basically what our plumbers had been saying for years that polybutylene was not covered by insurance companies. After Graham talked with the customer he told the customer that he could build a whole new custom bathroom on the main floor for only $5000 and that he could do the rest of the houses poly b replacement and drywall repair for $7000. The customer decided that was a much smarter approach than giving in to the insurance company and only having the items damaged fixed.

This whole project took 8 business days and stayed exactly on budget.

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement Photos