Project Description

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #32

Joan was having a hard time finding a plumbing company in the lower mainland that would tackle a complete poly b remediation, she could find plumbers that were willing to change out sections at a time, and she even found plumbing companies that were willing to change out the whole houses poly b, but she wasn’t finding any plumbing company’s that took care of the complete remediation until she came across Urban Piping in Burnaby.

Our company is not just a company of plumbers but we also employ every trade needed to complete a poly b replacement without having to subcontract. So after Joan had decided on our company to compete the remediation, we headed on over to 117a street in Delta to help her out. She had possibly the tidiest town house we have ever seen, after prepping the house we got started and completed the whole project in 4 days!

Start to finish, changing all the poly b piping with new color coded Class A PEX, repairing all the walls and ceiling, texturing the ceiling and painting the walls.

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement Photos