Project Description

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #31

This one was a first for us, Our Edmonton office got a call to replace the poly b piping in a house owned by a church, where their pastor lived. To say the least we were excited to work with a customer of repair in the community and such a good cause. We sent out the owner Graham to get a better picture of what we were up against.

Upon arriving at the property in Sherwood Park, Graham learned that the pastor was blind and had a wonderful seeing eye dog. He knew this one was going to be a special case and didn’t want to put him out for any longer than needed. So he made a plan that saved the church money, but still provided the essential poly b replacement that urban piping specializes in. Our plan was to have our Edmonton plumbers tackle the prep of the house, the cutting of the holes in the drywall walls and ceilings, and replacing the polybutylene piping with new color coded Class A PEX, after which the church and the church members were going to take on the drywall repair together.

Our Edmonton Plumbers took care of all the preparation, the cutting of the walls and ceilings, and replacing of 100% of all the poly b piping in the house in 30 hours.

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement Photos