Project Description

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #24

Had the pleasure of replacing the poly b piping for Vaughn and Lauries house this week on 48th street in Edmonton Alberta. This house, Vaughn actually was friends with the plumber who installed the poly b piping originally in 1996, and after talking with him years after the install Vaughn found out that his friend actually felt questionable about the piping that he installed in the 1990s, little did he know that the polybutylene was going to go through the largest lawsuit of any know household product ever.

This was the first time our Edmonton plumbers have worked on a house where the homeowner has very detailed information about all the poly b piping, where it was located, and had pictures of it. This all being said, Vaughns longtime friend did a very good job at originally installing the poly b piping the house and thoughtfully installed a whole house manifold system. Unfortunately, we have found that in fact, any homes under the 3000 sq/ft do not see any marginal benefits from the more simplified home run system.

This house in Edmonton took our poly b replacement specialists only 1.5 days or 30.6 hours to cover the prep and replace the piping. it took our drywall specialists only another 4 days to complete the drywall, all in all we started on a Monday and the homeowner was back in there house on the Friday.

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement Photos