Project Description

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #23

Chan and Graham came out from our Calgary office to tackle Janelle’s polybutylene problem. Janelle has a really cool 4 level split that needed remediation bad, and being a realtor she knew how bad this stuff was to have in her house. Also being a realtor she already had the contacts for drywall repair so she only needed the plumbing experts at urban piping to handle the poly b replacement. Our expert plumbers Chan and Graham made quick work of this poly b remediation, prepping the site, cutting all the holes in the walls and ceiling and removing all the grey pipe and replacing with class A PEX piping.

With great experience comes amazing speed. In 36 hours our plumbers had the complete remediation of the house and were already on there way back to the Chinooks in Calgary.

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement Photos