Project Description

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #22

Andrea’s house was having poly b leaks before deciding to give us a call, she had previously just fixed the leaks as they happened, Until… the last leak she had was a complete mystery where it was. Andrea called out a company whom didn’t have a “Clear Clue” what they were doing, their plumber spent hours cutting holes in her walls and ceiling and just couldn’t for the life of them track it down. So they charged her $$$$ for their visit, turned off the water to the house and told her it would cost $18000+gst to just replace the Poly B™ in the house and not even repair the walls or the ceiling. This my friends is highway robbery!!!!

SO Andrea called Urban Piping Ltd, and the owner Graham was actually not to far from her house, so he made a house call. Within 5 minutes he knew exactly what was going on, went to the truck to grab a couple plumbing tools and a tiny step ladder. He cut a hole inside the ceiling of the closet and within a couple minutes had the leak fixed and the water back on. Graham then used his special computer system to scan the house and within another couple minutes emailed Andrea a full detailed and complete PDF Document quote for her poly b replacement, that outlined the entire procedure and included the repair of the walls and the ceiling and texturing for only $17500. To top it all off he was very upset that another professional plumbing company had left a very bad taste in her mouth and given a poor representation of the service that one should expect in the Calgary area. So he didn’t charge her for the service he provided that day.

So Andrea immediately on the spot hired urban piping ltd to replace her poly b piping. We cut about 22 holes throughout the house to access the polybutylene pipes, once we got out all the grey pipes we went to work on fixing up the drywall and flat ceilings. This whole project took 9 business days.