Top 10 Reasons: Use Urban Piping for Poly B™ Replacement 1

Top 10 Reasons: Use Urban Piping for Poly B™ Replacement

#1 – First Company to Start

First company to start, Urban piping Ltd has been the front runner in Poly B™™ replacement, right from day one after the class action lawsuit that saw Poly B™™ piping inadmissible to indemnity rights by insurance companies across North America.

#2 – More Poly B™™ Replacement Work

More Poly B™™ replacement work than everyone else combined, Urban Piping Ltd replaces the pipes in 15 homes a week on average across western Canada. On top of that in the last decade we have replaced the Poly B™™ in close to 10,000 houses, 15 high-rises and re-mediated 10 full townhouse complexes. That’s a lot of pipe!

#3 – No Sub-Contracting

We Don’t Sub Contract! Everyone at Urban Piping Ltd is an employee of Urban Piping Ltd. This ensures that the quality Urban Piping Ltd delivers is the best possible, the job will be done on time, and you won’t have to call 5 different contractors to get your Poly B™™ replacement, painting, and drywall done.

#4 – We Care!

WE CARE, our company cares about your property. We go above and beyond to make sure our customers houses are completely protected, and we don’t just mean covering the floors with a drop cloth. Before our team replaces the Poly B™™ piping in your house we will completely cover all hard surfaces with Ram-Board* ( a special high impact cardboard material), then we use a special sticky plastic to coat all carpeted surfaces, next we put a layer of drop cloth plastic over the ram board and the carpet plastic for the ultimate protection. Next we cover all furniture in affected areas with a medium density plastic film to protect from dust. Lastly we employ a series of Air Scrubbers to hepa filter the entire construction site, this not only keeps the fine dust down but also keeps the air quality high for our workers.

#5 – Straight Forward Pricing

You pay what we quote. Urban Piping Ltd. has state of the art Poly B™™ quoting technology that will give exact prices for each project upfront. No guessing. No maybes. Just upfront to the penny pricing.

#6 – A+ BBB Rating

BBB A+ Rating. Urban Piping Ltd. Is Accredited with the Better Business Bureau, where we maintain the highest A+ rating.

#7 – State of Art Techniques and Equipment

We invest, we are constantly updating our systems and equipment, for example as of right now we are the only plumbing outfit in western Canada that uses air scrubbing Hepa filters daily on our sites. We believe it’s things like this that keep our job sites and our employees at the top of the game.

#8 – Premium Quality Products for Pipe Replacement

We use only the best of the best products, our Class A pex piping made for us by Rehau comes with a 25yr warranty, is interwoven numerous times, and comes UV shielded.

#9 – Stellar Reviews

Reviews! We have more Poly B™™ replacement reviews than any company online, Search the internet for our services we will see we hold a 4+ Star rating on every platform available.

#10 – Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Trenchless Pipe Replacement. Urban Piping removes 100% of the Poly B™™ on the properties we work on. If their is a main water line running under your property, we have the expertise required to complete trenchless water line repair and replacement which means removing the underground piping with only digging up minimal parts of a property.

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Top 10 Reasons: Use Urban Piping for Poly B™ Replacement 2


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