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Poly B Replacement – Know The Facts

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Poly b, also referred as polybutylene piping, was a plastic piping commonly used in residential water systems throughout North America. We typically find the poly b piping in homes built between 1985-1997 and with homes that received renovations in that time frame.

Before poly b was used the common practice in Canada and you United States was to use type M or L copper lines in homes to supply hot and cold water to fixtures. Coming into the eighties we saw a major increase in commodities driving the price of copper up.

Shell and Dupoint struck up a partnership deal in the early eighties and quickly engineered a flexible grey plastic pipe called “Polybutylene” or “Poly B” for short. The wasted no time putting this product to market and there have even been reports that state members of the CSA and ASA were paid off in order to have the product quickly put on the market.

This new poly b was praised by plumbers as the most revolutionary plumbing product of the century. Poly b was inexpensive, very easy to install, and required less joints typical of copper pipelines.

Well just as everything thing else that is too good to be true, Poly b received its first document lawsuit in 1991, where most of a community in the southern USA came home to find their homes flooding with water. Since then we have seen poly b effected by some of the biggest lawsuits ever in North America.

We at Urban Piping Ltd. have extensive experience with poly b in not only Calgary but Edmonton and all of Alberta and BC, we have typically found that poly b has developed leaks that come in waves, the first wave was around 1991 based on how the polybutylene was handled during production, transportation and installation.

Polybutylene was/is a very temperamental product, the reason for it springing leaks is because the molecular bonds break apart over time, it has been shown that contact with UV light can significantly speed up the deterioration of the bonds , so if after manufacturing or transportation the poly b was left out in the sun you could be at risk. That being said it is also typical for larger plumbing company’s who built multiple houses on a street to have a flat bed truck drop off all of the materials needed on the driveways, then have plumbers designated to that area work on the houses as they got to them.

We have found that smaller plumbing company’s and home builders took better care of the product probably due to cost concerns and would not purchase the poly b piping until it was needed for a specific house, thus limiting the amount of sunlight the poly b saw.

We have also found significant evidence to support that chlorine in the water system increases deterioration of the poly b, and found city’s like Calgary with high chlorine levels in the water have been affected.

We at Urban Piping Ltd. have recorded and documented enough cases to adequately state that once you get a leak you are generally affected with leaks that come every 3-6 months.

During remediation we find it is not the most habitable place to live, there is hikes cut in the walls and ceiling through the house, plastic isolating areas of the house and the water is off, our best recommendation is that our customers find other living arrangements for the duration of the poly b replacement and drywall work. Witch is done completely in typically 5-8 business days.

That being said we are flexible with our customers needs and would be more than happy to come to an agreement that works best for both parties.

In recent years insurance companies have started to get nasty with poly b leaks. Ever since the class action lawsuit was settled in 2005 insurance companies have become exempt from legally having to cover damages caused by poly b.

There are some companies that do cover poly b damage for an ” extra fee ” but beware that insurance companies will usually do whatever it takes to try and get out of loosing money. We have seen in Calgary and Edmonton numerous recent examples where an insurance company will issue a ” Multi Instance Deductible” clause, where some customers have reported having to pay 5-8 deductibles before the insurance companies will start the repair. Doesn’t sound like savings to us.

At Urban Piping Ltd. we are registered with most insurance companies and highly regarded as the number one choice for full remediation.

In Canada and Calgary AB, trying to get reimbursement through a lawsuit or through insurance is no longer an option. This may be a new issue to you as a home owner but the reimbursements for a complete Poly B replacement system was only available if your system was replaced by 2005 or within 15 years of it being installed. The reimbursement for the complete system was only 25% of the system and 25% of any damages that had been caused.
Urban Piping Ltd is the #1 Poly B Calgary Contractor. We have completed more poly b remediation services that any other company in Alberta. It is what we do and it is what we do best!

Including but not limited to the following service areas:

Banff, Canmore, Strathmore, Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, Olds, Black Diamond, Langdon, & Chestermere.

  1. High levels or free chlorine exist in the water supply causing leakage throughout the piping system.
  2. Improper installation of the piping in homes where fittings were installed too tight causing hairline cracks eventually ending with leakage and damages to homes.
  3. Improper installation of piping. When improperly installed pipes are put under under stress they will cause leaks and damages to homes.
  4. Installation near high heat areas including hot water tanks, in the attic, and other areas of extensively high temperatures.
  5. The use of acetal (white or grey) fittings to connect pipes rather than the preferred metal fittings.

The cost of replacing your poly b with Urban Piping Ltd. depends on a couple of variables.

  1. preparation time needed
  2. materials
  3. labor involved
  4. size of house
  5. number of bathrooms and whether or not they are stacked above each other, across the house from one another, or back to back
  6. how much drywall will need to be removed/replaced

This all being said a typical complete remediation in Calgary or Edmonton costs between $10000-$20000, and that is a start to finish cost with no hassles or hiccups, done by the companies who has done more remediations than all other companies in Alberta combined.

Urban Piping Ltd is the #1 Poly B Edmonton Contractor. We have completed more poly b remediation services that any other company in Alberta. It is what we do and it is what we do best!

Including but not limited to the following service areas:

Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Parkland County, Spruce Grove, St Albert, Stony Plain, Red Deer, Bowden, & Sylvan Lake.

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Found water on my ceiling and called in urban piping to come in and take a look at the mystery leak, he removed the part of the ceiling and found it was a poly b line that had sprung a pin hole leak. He repaired the leak on the spot but recommended I have the whole house repiped or the problem would happen again.

I did some more research into the poly b piping and after contacting my insurance agent, I concluded that I would be replacing the pipe. I had such a good first encounter with urban piping so I called them back in. The owner Graham came to my house and we discussed the project. He was so wonderful to deal with.

Graham took care of organizing a team to deal with my house from start to finish with no hiccups. They were in and out in 9 days, and we couldn’t even tell where they had to remove walls and ceilings! It’s a good thing they take pictures of their progress along the way or else you would never know they were there.

Thank you so much Urban piping for helping us through this renovation so seamlessly.

Deb T From Calgary, August 2, 2014
We purchased a new house in hawk wood and the home inspector brought to our attention that the house had a product called poly b inside, he mentioned that we should have it changed before we moved in. We called Urban piping because of their numerous online reviews and recommendations, we were not let down. Graham organized for one of his teams to start the job the afternoon we got possession of the house, and they stayed late everyday so we could move in as soon as possible. Job was completed in 8 days as promised and house looks better than we remembered it. Glad we can live in our new house worry free. Thank you Guys!
Sarah and Tom Baker From Calgary, September 3, 2014
After years of dealing with constant leaks we finally caved and decided to get the pipes replaced, our insurance broker provided us with the company Urban Piping and told us that of we were getting it done these were the guys. They were great! took care of everything from start to finish, the plumbing, the drywall, the painting. Glad this headache is over and we don’t have to worry about leaks any more, will be referring you guys to all my neighbours.
Darryl and Leslie Richmond, From Calgary
Had my tenants complaint that their pipes were leaking in the house, upon further inspection I found it was the water line pipe called poly b, I called a couple plumbing outfits out to take a look at replacing the piping but they were all saying it would be just over a week for the plumbing and I was on my own for finding a drywaller, taper, texture, and painter. Not only that but none of them seemed very confident about the job. I couldn’t have my house which had tenants living in it out of commission for that long. I stumbled across urban pipings website which stated that they had their own crew that took care of everything, I had them out for a quote, and although they were more expensive than the other company’s they promised the house would be completed in 8 business days! Well they lived up to their promise and I couldn’t be happier. Would not hesitate for one minute if out back in that situation to call them again.
Mr Lao, October 5, 2015

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