Dealing with sudden cold and hot streams of water is one nasty experience you would not want to repeat itself because it either made you uncomfortable or burned your skin leaving you to bear the pain for some days. Several people have experienced this situation in the bathtub. However, some years ago, people have had to install a thermostatic mixing valve in residential and commercial buildings at a fantastic rate, for good reasons.

If you are building a new kitchen and bathroom, or remodeling or renovating an existing one, you should consider installing a thermostatic mixing valve to avoid some inconveniences. Read further to learn more about the thermostatic mixing valve, its benefits, and why you want one. A thermostatic mixing valve is an indispensable part of a modern shower. It is safe, economical, and convenient. It guarantees maximum showering pleasure while keeping you and family safe from the risk of scalding.

What is a Thermostatic Mixing Valve?

A thermostatic mixing valve is a control valve that controls or maintains exact or set-point water temperature for the time of the shower. It offers protection from sudden changes in the water supply to the shower, in that, if anyone flushes the toilet or open the kitchen faucet, the temperature of the shower will remain the same. It offers a direct response to output temperature changes by ensuring that the bather is not exposed to danger.

In case the cold water supply fails, the valve will shut down the flow of hot water to protect from scalding. The underlying purpose of this valve is to offer 100% assurance and protection from sudden changes in the predetermined temperature of the water.

How Does A Thermostatic Mixer Work?

A thermostatic mixing valve mixes cold and hot water to achieve the user’s preselected temperature and acts immediately to any changes or fluctuations in the temperature or pressure of the water supply by re-adjusting the mix of the cold so that the changes in pressure or temperature will not affect the current temperature.

Benefits of a Thermostatic Mixing Valve

The role of a thermostatic mixing valve cannot be overemphasized. To prevent domestic accident and protect everyone from getting hurt, it is advisable to install a thermostatic mixing valve in the shower system. The benefits of a thermostatic mixing valve are discussed below:

1. Prevention of Scalding

Everyone’s comfortable temperature level is different; what is suitable for one person may be unbearable for someone else. Consequently, everyone should be allowed to set their preferred temperature for the water in their sink and shower. A thermostatic mixing valve will make this possible for individuals to set the different levels of temperature to avoid getting scalded.

2. Prevention of Thermal Shock

Thermal shock is the reaction of the body to a sudden change in water temperature either hot or cold. When showering with a certain level of water temperature like hot water, a sudden blast of cold water will make the person jump out of the way. However, a thermostatic mixing valve will prevent the occurrence of such a situation.

3. Inhibiting Legionella

When the temperature is turned down on water heater to prevent people from getting scalded and save energy, such water is vulnerable to growing Legionella bacteria that cause a Legionnaire’s disease, bacterial pneumonia.

4. Eradication of Inconsistent Water Temperature

Installation of a thermostatic mixing valve will put an end to the era of never being sure of what kind of temperature you would get from a faucet. Expecting to wash you face with some cool water but suddenly the water gets uncomfortably hot or expecting to get warm water in the shower but got extremely cold water splashing on you, it is not a desirable experience. All these situations will be prevented by installing a thermostatic mixing valve.

5. Effective Safety Feature

A thermostatic mixing valve can be set to regulate and deliver accurate water temperature irrespective of any circumstances or developments going on within the home. If the water temperature gets hotter than the temperature you set, the thermostatic mixing valve will cut off the water supply. This feature is a practical solution for preventing scalding, and it is a safety feature for the elderly and children who may be unable to adjust the water temperature quickly. A thermostatic mixing valve should be installed as an integral part of every home’s safety tool.

6. Requires No Major Changes

Installing a thermostatic mixing valve does not involve damaging your property or digging into the tiles and walls to get to the plumbing. These devices are cutting-edge technology that is easy-to-install and completed within a few hours, and you will be protected from scalding and other inconveniences.

7. Enhances Home Resale Value

If you are thinking of putting up your home for sale, installing a thermostatic mixing valve is one of the renovations you can carry out that will have a significant impact on the resale value of your home.

Remember that the bathroom is one of the essential checklists for buying a home. And who would not pay for an enhanced bathroom? With a thermostatic mixing valve installed, you will not only sell your property for a reasonable price but also faster because it will appeal to various classes of prospective homebuyers. It is an essential upgrade you need to do to sell fast.

Thermostatic mixing valves are important devices that should be installed in the showers to prevent accidents of various degrees and ensure the safety of everyone using the shower. The cost of installation will be a fraction of the cost of the medical treatment if anything goes wrong with anyone in the shower. Consequently, installing a thermostatic mixing valve is a smart investment to maximize comfort, enhance security, and give everyone a pleasant experience.

If you have yet to install a thermostatic mixing valve in your shower, cash in on its benefits today and upgrade your home with modern inventions that make life easier and safer. There is no way you will not want a thermostatic mixing valve installed in your home with all the benefits discussed. Live happily, live safe.

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