Water heaters or hot water tanks are popular domestic appliances that play an essential role in a household setting. They heat and store water which ensures constant hot water supply at home. These tanks are equipped with insulation to help keep the water warm or hot and ready whenever it is needed. They only last so long though and the time comes when you will be in need for a hot water tank replacement.

However, just like other household appliances, hot water tanks tend to wear out over time and will eventually stop working. Once your water tank reaches a certain age, replacement becomes a necessity for continued hot water supply. But the problem with most home owners is they tend to postpone doing something about their deteriorating tanks until things get out of hand citing the allegedly high cost of doing replacement.

Hot water tank replacement can be costly yes but not replacing your tank can be potentially dangerous and may end up costing more in the long run. Broken hot water tanks are a leading cause of flooding and damage to homes. For this reason it is important to always be on the lookout for any telltale sign it’s time to replace your appliance. But how do you recognize these precise warning signs?

1) Your Tank Is Leaking

A leaking storage tank is the number one sign your hot water tank needs replacing. If you cannot establish where the leakage is actually coming from but you can notice a significant drop in water level within the tank, it could be possible that the seams within the tank have succumbed to severe wear and tear to the point they are letting out water. First, look for any leak around fittings and plumbing connections where there might be damage or corrosion. If the fittings and plumbing connections are all in good shape, chances are the wall of the tank has cracked at a single or many spots. A cracked tank is usually irreparable; the only option to solve the problem is to find a new one.

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2) Your Hot Water Storage Tank Is Not Yielding Hot Water

A perfectly functioning hot water tank should make your water hot. If it is not heating up the water or it’s heating up water but not to an extent it used to, then the appliance is not doing its job anymore. And what do you do with something that seems to no longer serve its purpose? Of course you get rid of it. Although repair might be an option, don’t go for it because repairs in most cases turn out to be more expensive than the cost of a new appliance.

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3) Your Tank Is No longer Keeping the Water Hot

How long does hot water last? Does your hot water storage system allow you to only fit in 2 hot showers instead of multiple like before? If so, there is likely a serious problem with the tank-one that can only be gotten rid of entirely through having a new replacement. In fact the best way to put an end to most hot water storage tank problems is usually by replacing once and for all.

4) Rust and Corrosion

Hot water tanks are designed to withstand rust for their entire lifespans. However, after the lengths of time that these appliances are expected to live are over, the mechanisms that they use to withstand rust become ineffective, and they start to rapidly rust as well as corrode. If you notice your tank is starting to show some signs of rust and corrosion, maybe it’s high time you looked for a new hot water storage system.

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5) Age of the Tank

Just like household appliances, hot water tanks have their own particular lifespans. For instance, if the lifespan of your tank is 20 years, what this means is that the tank is not going to keep working properly after it has served for this number of years. So another telltale sign there is need for hot water tank replacement is when the tank has surpassed the number of years it was built to last.


Check the age of your tank as well as signs of any of the above problems. If you find that it has exhausted its life expectancy, it could be prudent to replace the tank, even if there are no signs calling for immediate replacement because you are going to benefit from the efficiency savings of a new tank. Be sure to check the Reviews.

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