Garburator Benefits - Why You Should Install one! 1

Garburator Benefits – Why You Should Install one!

One of the challenges every household faces is how to manage waste. Most of the waste ends up in the garbage, but the best way to dispose of food waste is through a waste disposal unit also known as a garburator. Garburator benefits are many but here is a solid breakdown. 

What Is a Garburator?

A garburator is a waste disposal unit or small machine fixed under the sink for disposing of food waste. A garburator is a plumbing system used for shredding food scraps into smaller pieces before washing them down the drain in the sink.

A garburator is usually connected to the drain under the kitchen sink, and shredded food waste can pass through the pipes with the use of water. Find more on our Garburator Installation Services.

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What Does a Garburator Do?

Some people refer to a garburator as a “noisy little monster” possibly because of its size, function, and sound. It is a small appliance that is installed right under the sink and connected to the drain. The machine has a motorized blade, which shreds food waste into smaller bits that can pass through water pipes to the treatment plant where they are processed into fertilizer and such.

A garburator can be classified into continuous feed or batch feed. A continuous feed is the most common in homes, and food waste will be fed into it after it has been switched on. Batch feed, on the other hand, works differently, in that, food waste must be fed into it before starting the motor that only works when a slotted cover is in place. The purpose of the slots is to allow free passage of water while preventing other objects from going down the drain. Due to this preventive function, batch feed garburator is considered the safest.

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Why a Garburator May Not Work

If your waste disposal unit has been giving you sleepless night by making a strange noise or failing to turn on, it needs to be examined by a professional plumber.

It is possible that the appliance has jammed, which happens frequently. It could be making a humming sound with its motor running, but it does not grind the waste. Also, if you do not run adequate water to flush down the waste, the disposal unit may not work perfectly. Furthermore, the appliance may not turn on at all, which is a sign of electrical fault or the system is locked up.

Those are the likely reasons why a garburator may not work. Contact a plumber as soon as possible to fix the appliance to carry on its task and prevent clogging of the kitchen sink.      

How to Prolong the Life of a Garburator

The longevity or durability of your garburator depends on certain factors. Know that a garburator or waste disposal unit can become clogged for several reasons. So, to prolong the lifespan of your appliance, do not put all food products down the unit. Avoid putting food waste such as oil, grease, coffee, potato peels, pasta, and eggshells in the appliance.

Benefits of a Waste Disposal Unit

Having a waste disposal unit in your kitchen is a wise investment with several benefits. As you are considering the aesthetics of your home, you should also think about essential gadgets that will enable you to get rid of any waste in the home.

Installing a garburator will make getting rid of your waste easier and efficient. It is environmentally damaging to send food waste to a landfill, and composting takes a lot of time and space. A waste disposal unit is the most convenient option to get rid of food waste in your home. Below are some of the benefits of a garburator:

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  1. Environmentally Friendly

It is harmful for the environment to have more food waste end up in the landfill. Besides, you need to consider the cost of transportation to get your waste there. A waste disposal unit gives you the convenience and the opportunity of disposing your food waste to a water treatment plant where it will pass through a purification process to be reused.

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  1. Cleaner Kitchen

Dumping food waste in the garbage bin can result in bacteria formation and also can attract flies and cause malodorous odours in your home. With a garburator installed, you get rid of your waste as soon as the mealtime is over. Consequently, your kitchen will be clean and free from microbial that can affect the health of the entire household.    

  1. Saves Time Cleaning Up

Preparing meals for the family can take a lot of time, and cleaning up after a meal can take a longer time. However, when you install a waste disposal unit at home, you can quickly get rid of food waste by dumping it in the garburator and flush it down the drain without hassles. As a result, you spend less time cleaning up after meals.

  1. Prevents Pipe Clogging

When you install a waste disposal unit in your kitchen, food waste that would have found their way down the drain get shredded into small particles and flushed away. Consequently, your pipes will not be susceptible to clogging, which will cost you a significant amount of money to fix.

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  1. Enhances the Functionality of the Kitchen

Your kitchen gets enhanced when you installed a waste disposal unit. The appliance transforms your kitchen into a modern and efficient one where all cooking and cleaning tasks can be completed without hassles. The appliance offers you convenience and makes you feel comfortable in your kitchen more than before its installation.  

  1. Fewer Bins and Trash bags

This compact appliance helps you to get rid of food waste. As a result, you do not need to keep many trash bags and bins around in your kitchen. Besides, your kitchen will be free from fruit flies, rodents, maggots and other pests lurking around the trash bags.

  1. Enhanced Kitchen Hygiene

There is no better way to keep your kitchen in the highest level of cleanliness than to install a garburator that helps to shred food waste into particles to be flushed away. Prompt disposal of waste does not give chances to bacteria and other micro-organisms to grow in your kitchen. As a result, the health of the entire household gets preserved. 

Problems with a Garburator? Read about our Garburator Repair Services

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