Floor drains are the most neglected in the family of indoor plumbing. They look like the drains in the showers and bathtubs because they are flush with the floor surface. They are usually installed in the garages, laundry rooms, basement floors, and sometimes, driveways and patios to capture overflow water from rain, tubs, toilets, and sinks and direct it to the sewer or storm drain. As a result, the floors stay dry, and there is no flooding. Floor drains can be installed anywhere that requires efficient water drainage however a floor drain clog can be a headache to deal with.

Floor drains seem to be ignored because they function so efficiently that there is almost no need to check them until it is too late. They also get clogged like other drains especially because they are on the floor and dirt easily gather around and inside them. Several issues may result from clogged drains such as flooding, malodorous smells, and costly water damage. However, these can be prevented by following the maintenance tips presented in this write-up and hiring professional drain cleaning services.

Tips for Maintaining Your Floor Drain

Here are the best ways to cater to your floor drain to prevent clogging, flooding, and damages to your properties.

Fill The Trap Seal

The purpose of floor drains is to remove water from the surface after an overflow and different it to a sewer to prevent flooding. There is a trap seal inside the floor drain, and it is designed in order to avoid sewer odors and gases from coming through the drain into the home.

For the trap seal to function effectively, it must be filled with water, which will serve as a barrier between the home and the sewer system. Consequently, when maintaining your floor drain you must check the trap seal regularly to make sure it is full. If the trap is empty, pour at least a gallon of water down the floor drain in your home. Unpleasant odors coming from the drain is one of the signs that the trap seal is empty.

Clear Clogs

Due to its location, floor drains are susceptible to a wide range of dirt that collects on the floor and end up in the drain, causing clogging. One of the signs of clogging is slow draining. Do not ignore this sign; ensure you clear the clogged drain to prevent it from aggravating to flooding. You can use a reliable pump and a plunger to clear the plug if it is minor.

If the clog cannot be cleared with a pump, you may apply some homemade solutions like pouring baking soda and vinegar down the drain. However, if that does not work also, contact a professional plumbing contractor for drain cleaning services. Remember to tell the plumber of the home remedy that you have applied on the drain.

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Clean The Drains Regularly

The drain should be cleaned regularly at least once every quarter. The drain should be free from debris and dirt that are capable of blocking the drain. You can use a mild, safe liquid drain cleaner or have a professional plumber from Urban Piping Ltd. do the drain cleaning services for you. You can also schedule drain cleaning services annually to prevent clogs and make sure that your drains are running effectively.

Keep The Floor Drain Area Clean

If the area surrounding the floor drain is dirty, debris can find its way into the drain later and cause a clog. Clean the area around the drain anytime you notice debris. You can use an old toothbrush to clean smaller areas. You can make this a regular task to prevent major issues.

Why You Need Floor Drain Cleaning Services

There are several reasons why you must call for professional drain cleaning services when you drain gets clogged. A free and functional drain is crucial to keep the floor dry and prevent the growth of mold in the household. To educate you on the reasons why you need floor drain cleaning services, read the reasons below.

Prevention of Flooding

If your drain gets clogged, hire a professional plumbing company for drain cleaning services to prevent water backup into your home from the drain. As soon as the floor drain starts draining the water slowly, clean it or call Urban Piping Ltd. for drain cleaning services.

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Prevention of Water Damage and Mold Growth

It is essential that your floor drains are running perfectly because if it stops functioning, your basement or where it is installed will be vulnerable to water damage and unavoidable mold growth as the moisture seeps into the floors and walls. This could result in serious health issue for any member of the household who is allergic to mold. Call Urban Piping Ltd. to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Prevention of Expensive Repairs

When maintaining your floor drain, prevention is clearly better than cure. Failure to maintain a floor drain regularly could make it damage further and require expensive repairs to the entire drain pipes and damaged properties as a result of flooding. Call for drain cleaning services to prevent possible costly repairs later.

Flooding Problems? Contact our Emergency Plumbers.

It is essential to maintain your floor drains for smooth flow of water and avoidance of inconveniences. Follow the maintenance tips discussed above or hire a professional plumbing company for periodic drain cleaning services to keep your floor drains in top working condition and your home free from water damage and health-related issues.

Contact us at Urban Piping Ltd. for excellent drain cleaning services. We will also examine and identify possible risk factors that may cause future problems and fix them. We guarantee the best results and an enhanced experience.

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