Once we install drains in our homes, we hardly think about them especially if they have no problems. While drains were made to work that way, their malfunction can lead to surprises. The only way to avoid surprises from drain problems is to have regular drain maintenance.

Unfortunately, drain maintenance is the last thing in many homeowners’ minds. It is not so much a priority for them. Think about it. When is the last time you had your drains cleaned or conducted a maintenance check on them? It may seem that at the moment your drains have no issues but this is no excuse for you to lax. Drain maintenance should be part of your yearly maintenance budget.

Why drain maintenance is worth it

1. It prevents troubling odors

It is hard to ignore when things are not moving through your plumbing system. You can tell that there is stagnated water somewhere because of the rotten egg smell that emanates. Your drains take away all the dirt, human waste and kitchen waste from your home. You can imagine the kind of odor that stagnant kitchen waste gives off let alone human waste. Neglecting your drain system can result in serious clogs and unbearable smells resulting in the need for professional drain cleaning services. If you’re looking to avoid any embarrassing smells from a clogged drainage then you should definitely consider drain maintenance.

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2. It creates faster drainage systems and reduces clogs

One of the common struggles that homeowners struggle with is backups and back-flows. This happens when water comes back up from the drain rather than flowing away. There is nothing as awful as sewage back-flows because they bring in dirty and smelly water which can damage property inside your home including furniture and carpets. Clearing such dirty water is not a pleasant activity either.

Back-flows and backups are caused by clogs in the drains and pipes. They can be easily avoided through drain maintenance. The clogs can be cleaned out before they damage your home’s plumbing system or lead to any other serious problems.

Furthermore, drain maintenance leads to faster drainage. Dirty water has no place to stagnate. Wouldn’t you want a faster drainage system to get rid of the waste and dirt from your home?

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3. It saves you from expensive repairs

It only takes a few seconds for water from an overflowing plumbing fixture to get everywhere in your house. The first victim of this overflow will be your flooring which will most definitely be damaged. The water then permeates to the sub-flooring which will require you to rip everything up during repair. As is that is not all, if the water gets high enough to your drywall and baseboards, then those will also be damaged. And that is not the worst case scenario.

The worst case has to be when the overflow happens on an upper floor, damaging the ceiling, walls and floors of the lower level. Within just a few minutes, you will be set back thousands and thousands of dollars. Water is vital yet it can be such a potent destroyer. When you look at regular drain maintenance from this perspective, isn’t it worth it? Paying for the regular maintenance becomes such a bargain considering what you are preventing.

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4. It keeps you and your family healthy

Our homes have to be healthy places. However, it is impossible to have a healthy home when dirty water is where it should not be. Moreover, when wastewater soaks into your floors, cracks and crevices, mildew mold and bacteria find a perfect environment to grow in. mildew, mold and bacteria love dirty and greasy environments and once they have found what they need, they spread very quickly. These microorganisms can cause a whole range of issues including respiratory problems, intestinal problems and infections.

Regular drain maintenance ensures that there are no overflows and that any dangerous waste is shuttled from your home as fast as possible. Therefore, drain maintenance is worth it. It is worth preserving your health and that of your family.

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5. It creates safe and clean outdoor areas

Poor drainage systems causes both indoor and outdoor problems. A blocked drainage causes stagnation of water which can lead to:

  • soil erosion
  • dangerous and slippery surfaces
  • mold growth
  • breeding areas for mosquitoes
  • decaying plants, flowers and gardens

Without drain maintenance, you can create a whole lot of upsetting and expensive problems. Sometimes your children might be playing in such areas and contract infections. Besides safeguarding the health of your family, drain maintenance is important to create a safe outdoor environment.

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6. It improves the life span of your drain

Drain maintenance increases its life span thus minimizing the damages that can accumulate over time. Since you are interested in minimizing any future costs, an investment in drain maintenance right now will prevent any costs to be incurred in the future arising from problems of neglected drain systems.

Failing to maintain your drains because it is expensive only increases the costs you will incur in the long run which would have been avoided with regular drain maintenance. Moreover, improving the lifespan of your drains only means that you will not have to replace the system anytime soon and that with continuous maintenance the drains can serve you for many more years to come.

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Clearly, drain maintenance is worth it.

Sometimes, you can use simple methods for your drain maintenance. For example, you can use vinegar and baking soda to clear up your drains. Drain maintenance is not as expensive as you believe it to be. Unfortunately, such a perspective hinders you from prioritizing drain maintenance and later sustain unavoidable expenses.

The frequency of your drain maintenance is up to you but once a year is a good place to start. You should also consider cleaning all the drains in your home since that is much cheaper as compared to single drain cleaning.

So, what can we say about drain maintenance? From all the reasons and benefits mentioned above, isn’t drain maintenance worth it? Be a different kind of homeowner by refusing to neglect your drains. It will save you a whole lot of money and heartache in the future.

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