Restaurants, hotels, factories, bakeries, clinics, and other commercial enterprises need an effective drainage system. The health of these properties largely depends on how clean and effective their drainage system is.

Places that have high foot traffic and public toilets and urinals require regular drain cleaning as an essential service. Not only for the health of its visitors but to prevent damage of property of the enterprise or adjacent buildings for example by unserviced pipe leaks.

Commercial drain cleaning services are required for reasons such as corroded pipes, clogged pipes, collapsed or cracked pipes, blockages caused by debris or garbage dumping or tree root infiltration.

Commercial drain cleaning is necessary for the following circumstances:

Damaged sewer lines

As the owner of commercial premises, you are responsible for the maintenance of the sewer lines that connect your property to those of the mains of the city. Damage to the pipes or drains of these buildings, may soon enough may be hazardous and can cause the overflowing of drains. Flooding the main streets and roads. This could be very dangerous for the health of the nearby residents because of the contamination of groundwater that would then be unsuitable for consumption.

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Cleaning of grease traps

These function exactly as their name suggests. They trap the grease from kitchen wastewater, separating it from the water. It is a receptacle typically designed for commercial kitchens. This grease is separated and trapped. When the accumulation of grease reaches a certain level. It must be cleaned out otherwise the excess grease deposits float into the main sewer line causing blockages. Regular drainage cleaning of such places would include checking the levels in the trap and emptying it.

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Maintenance of storm drains

Commercial drain cleaning also includes cleaning of storm drains if you want to prevent flooding around your property. Just like the drains inside your property can develop sludge and really bad odor when they become clogged, so can storm drains. What’s even worse is you’ll begin to see the erosion of your parking lot and sidewalks.

Scheduling Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

It is best to schedule drain cleaning of your commercial property at specific times during the year. However, there are certain indicators that you can look out for that will tell you that you need commercial drain cleaning services sooner rather than later. These include:

  • Call your plumber f you notice a persistent foul smell coming from your drains
  • Call your plumber if you notice that your sewer clean out frequently overflows
  • If you frequently have to plunge the drains at your commercial property, don’t take it to chance and instead, call your plumber

If the above unusual behaviors with your commercial properties, make sure to call a certified, qualified plumbing company right away to prevent any future embarrassment, damage, or even worse, risking the health of the people who work in or around your premises.

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