The kitchen sink is, unarguably, one of the most commonly used drains in any home. It serves the kitchen by providing a passage for water used to wash plates, dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils, and sometimes, food items. However, other materials apart from water that pass through the kitchen sink could make the sink to clog over time.

A clogged kitchen sink can create a serious headache and inconvenience to the entire household, which can be annoying. It such a nasty experience you would not wish to have, although it can happen if the kitchen sink is abused by putting in items or stuff not meant for it.

A clogged kitchen sink will bring all kitchen activities to a halt. To prevent such inconveniences and frustration, you should understand that there your kitchen sink can get clogged as a result of several causes. Knowing what could clog a kitchen sink will help you to avoid the frustration and costly drain cleaning services.

This article aims to enlighten you about the common causes of a clogged drain, which you can prevent by being cautious and focus on prevention instead of repairs. Here are the common causes of a clogged kitchen sink.

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Food Stuck In The Drain

This is one of the primary causes of a clogged kitchen sink. Some foods do not go down the drain no matter how hard you try; they get stuck in the drain. Foods such as beans, rice, pasta, bread scraps, potatoes, and cereal may be good for you, but they are not good for the drain. Most of the foods listed above expand when mixed with water and can become paste-like after some time and stick to the inside of the drain pipe to restrict flow and clog everything up.

Consequently, avoid letting food that is left on dishes slip into the drain; pack remaining food into the waste bin. Do not force leftover down the drain no matter how small; they could build up and cause clogging sooner than you can imagine.

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Most times, we get deceived that food grease or cooking oils in liquid form will run down the drain nicely. Unfortunately, the problem arises when the oil or grease solidifies after cooling down- it sticks to the walls of the drain and attracts particles, which will eventually clog the drain. Grease is one of the most common causes of a clogged kitchen sink and may require drain cleaning services if the sink begins to become problematic.

You should avoid pouring food grease or cooking oil into the kitchen drain. Do not think that you can prevent clogging by running hot water with the grease; it will only make the grease go further, but that does not eliminate the likelihood of having a clogged kitchen sink because the oil will cool and build up. The best way to dispose of grease is to pour it in a sealed container and place it in the trash.

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Foreign Objects

Another cause of a clogged kitchen sink when you have kids around the house is the presence of foreign objects not meant for the kitchen in the drain. Kids could be funny sometimes and throw small objects like jewelry and toys into the drain for fun. Such objects will end up in the drain and cause a clog very soon.

You should keep an eye on your kids whenever they are in the kitchen with you, and warn them not to drop any objects into the sink. Teach them the proper use of the sink and desist from putting foreign objects in the sink. Drain cleaning services would be more expensive than letting your kids know the implications of flushing foreign objects down the drain.

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Coffee Grounds and Eggshells

Like other food items mentioned above, coffee grounds and eggshells should not be forced down the drain as they get heavy when mixed with water; they do not flow down the drain easily. If they continuously find their way into your kitchen sink, they will cause the drain to clog over time. Dispose of them properly in the thrash or spread them around the landscape plantings in your home. Do not wash them down the drain because they can cause a clogged kitchen sink and expensive drain cleaning services.


While this may sound somehow, some people usually use the kitchen sink when need to wash their hair. When hair gets entangled with debris washed down the drain, the kitchen sink can become clogged. Implore everyone to desist from washing hair in the kitchen sink and other sinks in the home- hair does not pass through the drain entirely.

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Debris and Dirty Filter

It is not right to put everything down the drain whether you have a garbage disposal or not. Ensure to remove debris from the filter after washing dishes or using the sink. Debris may be getting into the drain and accumulate after some time to cause a clogged kitchen sink. It costs nothing to dispose of kitchen waste properly and clean the sink’s filter. Keep the drain and filter free of unnecessary debris to prevent expensive drain cleaning services.

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When you have a clogged kitchen sink, the best solution is to contact a professional plumbing company for high-quality drain cleaning services. Although there are many DIY solutions to a clogged kitchen sink, you may not know the right one to use because you do not know the actual cause of the clogging. You may end up hiring professional drain cleaning services eventually after you have applied several the remedy to little or no success.

Even when you call a plumber, there is an increased rush of injury because of various solutions you have applied that have been trapped in the drain. The plumber may be exposed to a splatter injury while working on the clogged kitchen sink that you have applied liquid drain cleaners and other solutions. Ensure to inform the plumber of any cleaners you have applied on the clogged kitchen sink to prevent an accident when a plumber is providing drain cleaning services.

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