Drain backup could be a great headache, cause significant damage to property, and cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Many homes experience clogged drains due to negligence or lack of information. This results in drain backup or clogging with terrible experience if not resolved early. However, you can avoid getting your drains clogged by keeping items not meant for the drain away from it.

More often than not, drain backup is caused by flushing down certain items that are not meant for the drain. Are you aware of all the things you should not flush down the drain? Do not stress out; we bring you top items not to flush down your drain. Here are the items that should not find their ways down the drains of your home.

1. Dental Floss

When you no longer need your dental floss, dispose of it responsibly and not via your drain. When flushed, the floss will transform into a net and catch or hold other debris in the drain with a high probability of clogging your pipes and also damage your septic system by wrapping around the parts and make the motor burn out.

2. Q-Tips and Cotton Pads

Cotton pads, cotton balls, and Q-Tips should not be flushed down the drain because they do not break down no matter how long they have contact with water. They end up clumping together in the pipes and create problems.

3. Hair

When you flush hair down the drain, it does not dissolve no matter how long it stays inside water. It only turns into a net and gets caught on everything because it floats and gets entangled with other debris.

4. Gum

Prevent chewing gum from getting into the drain at all costs because it does not dissolve, and it gets sticky and adheres to the surface of the pipes’ interior to cause a clog. Throw gum into a wastebasket to avoid getting your drains clogged.

5. Condoms

There is no way that condoms can break down in water. As a result, flushing them down will, unavoidably, cause a clog in toilets or septic tanks.

6. Cooking Grease

Getting cooking grease down the drain is a recipe for drain clogging. Cooking grease will congeal when it cools inside the drain. Whether through the kitchen or toilet sink, you should never attempt to dispose of cooking grease via flushing; it will only clog the pipes and cause a serious problem.

7. Menstrual Products and Diapers

Sanitary pads, tampons, and diapers are made to absorb water and not break down in it. So, they can’t be destroyed by water; instead, they will expand and become too big to go through the drains. Eventually, they get caught in the drains and cause clogging. Dispose of these items properly.

8. Baby Wipes

It does not cost you any trouble to throw used baby wipes into a wastebasket. Although some wipes are said to be flushable, they end up becoming the cause of clogs in the drains. No matter how they are made, even “flushable” wipes do not disintegrate like toilet papers. As a result, save yourself the trouble and the expenses of fixing a clogged drain.

9. Paper Towels and Tissues

It is crucial that you know that paper towels and tissues are not the same as toilet papers because they do not break down as toilet paper does. So, don’t be tempted to flush them down the drain. When you have to use them instead of toilet paper, throw them in a wastebasket; don’t flush them down the drain.

10. Kitty Litter

Most toilets these days are water efficient and don’t use enough water that can move the litter properly in the drains. Do not flush cat waste from the litter box; they dehydrate the waste when toilets should flush soluble waste.

11. Food

Do not make it a habit of flushing food down the drain. Although the food may be biodegradable and will break down later, for the time being, it can cause a clog until then. Instead of flushing them, look into a garburator installation and avoid the trouble of dealing with clogged drains. Find the benefits of having a garburator installed here.

12. Band-Aids

Band-Aids are either made of plastic or cloth, which can’t break down in water. When you flush them down the drain, they can clog up the drains and cause you troubles. Instead, throw them into the wastebasket.

13. Wedding or Engagement Rings

When most couples quarrel or divorce, some of them get so emotional that they want to get rid of their engagement and wedding rings by flushing them down the drains. While doing so provide temporary relief of anger, it can create a problem later. A ring is not biodegradable; thus, it will end up catching and wrapping up debris in the drains, which will eventually cause clogs in the drains.

14. Jewelry and Hairpins

If you have a misunderstanding with your lover or spouse, do not flush the souvenirs that he or she bought for you such as jewelry and hairpin down the drain. They will not break down but get caught up with other debris to cause clogging.

15. Cigarette Butts

Cigarettes are toxic, and their filters are not biodegradable, when flushing them, they will become toxic chemicals that can get to the water supply. Also, the butts can get caught up by other debris and create a problem.

16. Toys

Certain toys are small and can easily pass through the toilet. Ensure to instruct your kids to keep their toys and not put them in the toilet bowls. Toys can cause a clog. So, keep your eyes on your children’s toys.

The items listed above should be prevented from getting into the drain due to their high tendency of causing clogging. Many of them may not cause a clog instantly, but over time, the clogging will eventually take place. Teach your kids and everyone in your home to dispose of items appropriately as not everything can be flushed down the drain. Prevent clogging, prevent costly repairs. Contact our plumbers at urban piping for professional drain cleaning services if you are experiencing any of these problems.