Poly B Replacement

A disaster waiting to happen!

“For thousands of Canadian homeowners, it's a nightmare that's come true: a leak in the plumbing, somewhere behind the drywall, under the new and expensive tiles. This is a story that's caused untold headaches for homeowners, millions of dollars in lawsuits south of the border and now it's a story the Canadian Standards Association doesn't want you to hear.” CBC Feb 9, 1999

Polybutylene pipe, otherwise known as “Poly B” was thought to be the plumbing product of the future in the late 1970s. It was cheap, flexible and easy to install. What was not anticipated was that chlorine in the city water supplies attacks the pipe from the inside out.

  • This product was installed in Calgary houses right up to 1997
  • Generally has a life span of 10-15 years of use. Though it is unpredictable when it will fail, what is certain is that it will fail
  • The piping will show no outward signs of weakening, and may burst at any moment
  • The only remedy for polybutylene pipe is total replacement

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