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Complete Poly B Remediation Services. We take care of your house from start to finish ensuring your house is in the same condition as when we started. We do not subcontract, all work is done in house by Urban Piping Ltd.

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Our Poly B Remediation Process

  1. First, we plastic wrap and cover your home where work will take place. This includes covering all flooring and furnature so your home and belongings are completed protected during the process.
  2. Then we begin the remediation process by access pipes through the drywall.
  3. Old lines are pulled out of the walls and ceiling where neccesary and replaced with new piping.
  4. After the remediation of the poly b pipes is complete we then fix all holes in drywall and ceiling where neccesary.
  5. Then we clean the house and ensure that it is in the same condition that is was upon our arrival. After a walk through with yourself checking over our work we then settle up with you and your poly b issues are no more.
Poly B Work Calgary

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What is Poly B

Poly B, also referred to as Polybutylene, is a flexible grey pipe used in hot water systems and residential plumbing. It was manufactured in between the years of 1978 and 1998 because of its flexibility, low cost, and ease of installation. It is estimated that in Canada alone there are over 700,000 homes that have had this piping installed prior to it being discontinued. Each and every one of these homes is at risk of poly b issues happening.

A disaster waiting to happen!

“For thousands of Canadian homeowners, it's a nightmare that's come true: a leak in the plumbing, somewhere behind the drywall, under the new and expensive tiles. This is a story that's caused untold headaches for homeowners, millions of dollars in lawsuits south of the border and now it's a story the Canadian Standards Association doesn't want you to hear.” CBC Feb 9, 1999

What you need to know about Poly B

  • - This product was installed in Calgary houses right up to 1997.
  • - Chlorine in the city water supplies attacks the pipe from the inside out.
  • - Poly B was dicontinued due to a class action lawsuit.
  • - The piping will show no outward signs of weakening, and may burst at any moment.
  • - The only remedy for polybutylene pipe is total replacement.
  • - It is not a matter of "if" the pipe will leak but "when".
  • - Most insurance companies WILL NOT cover the damages caused to your home.

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